This land by the Nile River is called Egypt.
Led by Pharaohs, who became mummies in crypt.
Nation is over 5000 years old.
Hieroglyphics used as scrolls.
Known as “cradle of civilization.”
Influenced social western creation.
Osiris ruled the “World in the west.”
Entrance only when you’re the best.
A bird with a human head named Ba.
Nightly reunited with his buddy ka.
Bodies were mummified.
In tombs they're satisfied.
Polytheistic is their belief.
The Pharaoh acting as chief
Still residing peacefully at the pyramid;
Is a king from the Old Kingdom's period.
Archeologists have dug up history.
Making ancient not be a mystery.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art,
has largest Egyptian collection by far.
Over 36,000 excavated articles.
Displaying all of the miracles.

Sima Levy


Inspired by Edouard Manet

A bouncing baby boy on January 23, 1832 was born.
Édouard Manet, is the name that his parents chose.
Manet, please don’t confuse with Monet,
Was born in the city of love, on a beautiful day.
Paris France is the city of impressions and lots of Cafés,
Where artists meet, and eat in the soiree.
As a youngster, Manet’s passion was in art.
Sketching at the louvre helped his career start.
Attempting realism in “The Absinthe Drinker.”
Meeting Monet, and their ways linker.
Becoming a member of the impressionism group.
Resting the realism style with his new troop.
Painting looser and with thick brushstroke.
His style was fun, happy, rosy and strong.
Capturing every day people.
His canvases, no ones equal.
Singers, beggars and gypsies filled his masterpieces.
At the Salon des Refusés, capturing different audiences.
Painting what his eyes saw instantly.
Capturing colors that shined vibrantly.


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