Mothers Art World is all about teaching children how to “speak art”. Through our Meet the Artist book series, we provide art education and inspiration to children. They learn to create their own expressive language by using imagination, music, fun and facts.

About The Founder

Sima Levy founded Mothers Art World to give all children access to the world of art. Art is an essential part of every child’s development, helping them use both sides of their brain while embracing expression and imagination to create something wonderful. Studying art helps children understand the connections, shapes, colors and ideas that exist in every artist’s work.

Teaching art history to children in a way that encourages their creativity and interest rather than being intimidating (or boring!) is the inspiration behind Mothers Art World’s Meet the Artist Series.

Sima was born in Tel Aviv, Israel and moved with her family to New York when she was 8. Sima’s essence was born that same year when her brother, Donny, died of a brain tumor at the young age of 17. As a child she became passionate about giving back to the world through charitable works and education. What she was unable to do as a child, she has been able to begin to accomplish as an adult. The Meet the Artist Series is the first step in making those dreams become reality.

Sima teaches at the Cohen’s Medical Center and in her words “has the absolute joy of watching children immersed in art being able to forget their pain and their illness – even for 2 hours. To watch them is the power of creativity and artistic expression.”

Ms. Levy shares the same passion of Ms. Simone, the art teacher in the book series, “is a reflection of how I teach and display art through the classroom.” Sima explains, “ I want each child to be able to experience art history in a way that inspires them to begin their own creations. All children (and adults too!) need to experience being told “great job”, “you can do it”, and “aren’t you awesome?” Making Art gives children just that opportunity to express, learn and feel accomplishment.”

Charitable work remains a central part of Sima’s life. She is a member of the Women’s Health Committee at Katz Women’s Hospital, a member of the Autism Committee, is involved at Sunrise Day Camp, a camp dedicated to children with cancer and is an active member of UJA.

As a mother, wife, teacher, writer and creator, Sima enjoys spending time with her husband Jason, and children Jordan, Logan and Paris, all of whom have contributed to the development of the Meet the Artist book series. Most evenings, she can be found sitting at the computer dreaming about the next adventure for Ms. Simone, Paris and the rest of the gang.


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