Helping Develop Imagination

Helping Your Child Develop Imagination

In our previous blog entry, we talked about how imagination opens door for your child. Nurturing you child’s imagination helps him or her become better problem solvers and helps them to learn. Here are some tips to encourage your child’s imagination:

  • Make up stories. Begin a story and ask your child to finish it. This is a fun activity to do as a family, with each person adding to the story. Allow your child to imagine and create the main character.

  • Use props. Lots of things around the house can be used to create a story. The empty box becomes a fort. A metal bowel becomes a drum. One of our friends daughter put a small waste paper basket on her head and called it a crown creating an entire kingdom named Sabrina’s Chateau.

  • Spend time outside. Build a sandcastle just like kids did in the past. Use twigs and leaves to create a design. Mix water and dirt to create a lovely mess. Being outside helps your child to ask questions (“why is the sky blue”), and develop serious minds. Get away from the Xbox and explore!! The development of serious minds.

  • Read books to your children. Encourage them to add characters and make up different endings.

  • Encourage them to create art. Have a lot of different art supplies ready and easy for your child to use. Talk about what made them choose the colors and shapes used.

  • Give you child enough downtime. Structured activities are great. Playdates, music lessons, organized sports. They all add to your child’s development and skills. Make sure your child also has enough time just to be. That is the space where imagination and creativity are sparked.

  • Limit screen time. When your child’s focus is on a screen, he or she is passively learning. Encourage your child by giving him or her time without screens to create and make something new.

  • Play pretend. When your child plays doctor, pretends to own a zoo or be the clerk at the store your child is trying on different roles. Take a role yourself and join in. Play with stuffed animals, or create a puppet by putting your hand in a sock you had decorated and turned into a famous baseball player, princess or scary monster.

Let us know what we have missed. Post on our Facebook page – Mothers Art World – your favorite way to encourage your child’s imagination. Please share this on your Wall. Happy creating!


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