Where Do You Find Inspiration?


I completed writing my first book, than another and another, and than BLANK. As most authors, artists and creator, I’ve experienced the biggest nightmare in creation. I sometimes run into mental block known as lack of inspiration. So what should I do? Is this it for my writing career? Not without a fight! I began to meditate to clear my mind and control my thoughts, and that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. When my thoughts were controlled, I was able to understand where my school of thoughts and inspiration has begun. I first realize that I wanted to become an author in my thirties during a trip to Aruba.

My spiritual awakening, deep motivation, diversity, culture, and history all have inspired me during that trip to sunny Aruba. I was always very driven, and creative, but this was different. I was impacted by intuition and the beautiful nature around me. See, the correlation to meditation? When my mind is relaxed, I become focused and driven to create. When I’m sunbathing and enjoying the scenery around me, especially the view of the ocean in front of me, I take off! My first two pages were written on the iPhone notes.

When you feel inspiration and you don’t know what to do, just go! Write down your thought, paint your thoughts, and record your thought. My first progression was made, because I created it. I had a general plan for the course, and I wrote content each week as I was running the possibility. I gave myself a cushion of a week, and met my own deadlines. My first book was completed and I was thrilled. Is this enough for me? No way! I was inspired once again while sunbathing, and as my husband calls it having a dead stare at South Beach, Miami’s ocean. My dead stare however, was full of life, full of thoughts, and full of possibilities. Once again, I reach for my iPhone and wrote almost a half book, rhyming away and becoming more familiar with my book’s characters. See the pattern? Recognize my inspiration?

Like the impressionists, I’m inspired by the sun and nature, mostly the ocean. I’ve written four books in the same fashion. My creation is inspired by the outdoors, and completed indoors. Now my mental block is lifted, and I look forward to having a connection with the Mediterranean Sea this summer, when I will visit Israel. Keep tuned to find out what becomes. Book number five? My iPhone will be fully charged. Got my Mophie too.


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