How to Create a Father’s Day Collage


A sample of a Great Father’s Day Collage

Collage emerged as fine art in the early 20th Century. Picasso and Braque originated it , Miro mastered it. Robert Motherwell has been quoted as saying that the “collage is the twentieth century’s greatest innovation.” Considering that is the same period that cars first were on the streets and we flew to the moon, that’s saying something!

Collaging is a great way to spend time in self expression, and can make a great gift for someone. Father’s Day is coming up, so if you haven’t figured out what you want to do for Dad, a collage is a great way to go! Sound like a good idea?

Awesome! Here are the steps to create a great collage. It is not “hard” and there is no “right” way to collage. Let yourself go and have fun.

Gather your supplies. Since you are doing this for fun, we won’t get into archival methods. Select your base. You can use a form core board, wood, or strong paper (but make sure it is thick so that it will support the pictures). Buy some Mod Podge, which is a great all in one glue, sealer, and finisher (easy to pick up at the art supply store or even Target). Make sure you have some sharp scissors.

Select a theme. Before you get going, ask yourself what kind of theme your dad might like. Would he like pictures of you and your little brother? Maybe he’d like a shrine to his favorite baseball team? It’s whatever you think your dad would want—you know him better than we do!

Gather up magazines, images from the Internet, photographs, even found objects. Once you’ve got your general idea, select the items you want to use in your collage. Try cutting in different shapes: one image can be a triangle, another a rectangle, and another still a circle. Make them really different and unique. Add found objects like string, metal, etc. Have fun as you create your work of art!

When you have everything read, begin to arrange your items on the base. There is no “right way”. You can have one picture overlapping another one, you can have some pictures diagonal or upside down, you can split up images and paste them on different ends of the paper…the possibilities are endless.

Once you have everything arranged the way you want it, glue the items on your base with Mod Podge. You can also use Mod Podge as a sealer and finisher by lightly brushing your entire collage with it. As you finish, make sure you leave enough time for the glue to dry before you go hide your work from Dad!

Great work! Be sure to take a picture of your Father’s Day Collage and post it to our Facebook page. We always like to see work by our readers.

As always, we hope you are having a wackadoey day! Did you check out my new book, A Visit with Vincent Van Gogh, yet? I hope you enjoy it. Head on over to Amazon and grab your copy today.

One last treat… is a collage that was inspired by Paris’ friends for her birthday:


A way cool birthday collage!


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