February: celebration of Renoir!!

Today we will look at a portrait by an impressionist artist, Pier Auguste Renoir. Click Here!


1. What is an impression? Answer: An image idea, without the whole detail.

The term impressionism came from an art critic Leroy, who took the name from one of Monet’s paintings Impression Sunrise. Critics called it unfinished, and paint on dirty canvas. He meant to shame the artist, instead he gave him fame.

2. What is the setting? Answer: Outdoors. Painting called In The Meadow 2. Do you think that the artist is an impressionist? Answer: yes.

Renoir was born in Limoges France. At 13 he had moved to Paris and worked at a porcelain factory decorating china. In 1862 he enrolled in Ecole des beaux art, there he met Pissarro, Sisley, Monet and Bazille. These artists met Degas and Cezanne in a Parisian cafeĢ called Guerbois, and became a union in their art ideas. They believed that art should be light, happy, naturally painted outdoors, and not stuffy like the neo classical art.

Renoir had earned recognition for the impressionists with his painting of madam Champentier, which was actually first to be exhibited in the salon in 1879.

3. What do you think Renoir liked to paint? Answer: Girls (women and children)

4. Is this a portrait? Answer: Some say genre and some double portrait even though we can’t see the girls’ faces. One girl was said to be Manet’s 13 yr. old daughter and the other Morisot’s daughter (impressionist painter). He painted these girls 6 times.

5. Do you see more people? Answer: 2 in the meadow.

6. What are the colors of the shadow? Answer: Greens brown rust. Impressionists avoided black. (Shadows are reflections of colors) line

from girl in white up to meadow is all light

7. What shape is the composition? Answer: X

8. What did Renoir paint at the crossing of the x? Answer: Bouquet of flowers.

9. What images are the blurriest? Answer: Distance and background. Grass trees.

10. What is painted clearer? Answer: The girls.

11. What kind of brush did Renoir use to paint? Answer: Thick brush. Look at the girls’ hair long curvy strokes. Leaves, trees and grass. These balances the composition background and foreground same brush strokes.

12. Was this painting painted quickly or slowly? Answer: Quickly without all the detail.

13. Would you like to be there with these two girls? Why? Answer: most students will say yes because of the Happy mood, sunny, relaxed and sweet atmosphere.

Renoir painted an impression of a sunny spring day and of youth.

Hope you enjoyed! Till next month..


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