Celebrating Pierre Auguste Renoir – our February Artist


February is the month that we celebrate Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919) who was born in Limoges, France. Renoir was a prolific painter, creating several thousand paintings during his lifetime. He is considered a leading painter influencing the Impressionism movement as it evolved.

What is Impressionism?

Impressionist art is a style in which the artist captures the image of an object as someone would see it if they just caught a glimpse of it. They paint the pictures with a lot of color and most of their pictures are outdoor scenes. Their pictures are very bright and vibrant. The artists like to capture their images without detail but with bold colors. to quickly capture these instances of modern life were called “Impressionists” and their paintings became known as “Impressionism.”

The Characteristics of Impressionism

  • Loose casual paintings

  • Short, broken brush strokes that barely convey a form

  • Thick application of paint to canvas

  • Subjects often outdoors in natural sunlight

  • Painted relatively quickly

  • Use of bright, happy colors without dark shadows

  • Pictures of everyday people doing everyday things

The Life of Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Renoir’s talent was evident even as a child. Renoir is known for painting with vibrant light and saturated color. His subjects were often people in intimate and candid compositions. He also created a large body of work featuring nudes.

To perfect his talent, Renoir enrolled in art school and was often seen at the Louvre studying paintings by the greatest artists who came before him. A great way to learn about art is to study other artists’ work and use examples to create your own work.

You can learn more about Renoir by reading our A Rendezvous with Renoir, part of our Meet the Artist Series of books.


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