Another Fun Art Project: Coloring Your World and Your Work



Jackson Pollock – Convergence

“When I am painting I have a general notion as to what I am about. I can control the flow of paint: there is no accident.” – Jackson Pollock

Do you remember a few weeks ago, when we talked about fingerpainting, we had you create whatever shapes you wanted, using whatever colors you felt like in the moment? We’re going to have you do ALMOST the same thing…although this time, we’re going to suggest some colors based on what psychologists believe they represent.

Art is art, yes, and much of it is inspiration. No one can tell you exactly what something means in the creative world. Things are often subjective when you are painting, but there is a time and place to study some more…widely accepted principles, especially if you want to be a “commercial” artist (an artist who sells her or his work for a mass audience.)

Marketers are commercial artists, using colors in their ads to help influence their customers.Using psychology, many creative businessmen and women use the following insights as a guide:

  • Red conveys: Excitement, energy, love
  • Blue conveys: Calm, serene, relaxed, trustworthiness
  • Yellow conveys: Energy, hope, happiness
  • Green conveys: Health, success, compassion
  • Black conveys: Trendy, powerful, slick
  • Brown conveys: Stability, strength

By the way, notice how all of these colors represent something positive? Well, they can also represent something negative, too. Red can mean anger, blue can signify sadness, black can represent emptiness. Any color can mean a number of things. Use the above color representations as a reference, not as a fact.

Now that you’ve got the above information as your guide, it’s time to fingerpaint again— you’re going to just swirl colors around, but this time, you’re going to plan your colors ahead of time.

What do you want your painting to mean today?

Just like last time, put some newspaper down and wear old clothes/an apron that you wouldn’t mind getting paint on. Next, pull out some glossy paper and fingerpaint. Ready? Set? Go!

As you paint, mix your colors to convey whatever you are feeling. If you’re looking for something energizing, mix some reds and yellows together (you’ll get orange, by the way). Want to create something relaxing? Blend some blues and greens together (you’ll create some turquoise, too!). You’re still painting from your heart, but this time you’re using your head a little more, too. Like Jackson Pollock, control what you are painting today.

When you’re done, let the paint dry, and then hang this painting next to your work of art from a few weeks ago. They’re both unique—one is totally from the heart, and one is from the heart and head. One method is not better than the other, but both techniques produce different results. Kind of cool, right? You should proud!

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