A “Wackadoey” Day at the Young at Art Museum


A “Wackadoey” Day at the Young at Art Museum I was so excited to be asked to do a book reading of our newly published A Day with Degas at the new Young at Art Museum in Davie, Florida. The museum is absolutely amazing. It is a place where families can gather; where children can build a sense of identity through art, architecture, history and culture; where artists can teach their aesthetics; where teachers can develop new art-integrated classroom skills; and where teens can expand their potential, whether through CD production in our Teen Center’s recording studio or through volunteer opportunities throughout the museum.

The Museum’s belief that through art children discover themselves and their role in society is so aligned with the mission of Mothers Art World. Through our books, we have created our own word, “wackadoey” to describe the magic in experiencing art.

It was a humbling and rewarding experience from start to finish. As I walked through the museum, I could feel “wackadoey” experiences throughout each exhibit. My daughter, Paris, who is a New Yorker, had never been inside a subway. In the Central Park room she was able to experience it for the first time.

The children who joined me at the reading were so tuned in and engaged as I talked about the life of Degas. They loved to learn that he was half American. They chanted “wackadoey” three times as the story whisked Paris from art class back through time to Paris France to meet with Degas.

Our study of Degas’ The Dance Class had the children using pastels to color while learning about the composition and style of Degas.

We all had great fun singing along with the video that accompanies the book Degas Ways.

My heartfelt thanks to the Young at Art Museum for sharing imagination, putting my books in the light and giving us the opportunity to share a fun and “wackadoey” day.


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