A Moment With Monet Is Now Available


I’m overjoyed to announce that A Moment With Monet, the newest book in the “Meet The Artist Series”, is now available! A Moment With Monet is a fun romp through the world of Claude Monet, where his ideas about art and the artist are explored in a kid-friendly adventure. Art history should be silly and fun, and that’s what I’ve tried to share with A Moment With Monet. Please take a look at the book and consider picking up a copy to help spread the word about art education.

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Art and art history are not being taught in schools, even though it’s been proven, over and over again, that studying art leads to better academic achievement. It’s the Mothers Art World mission to change this trend by making art and art history resources more accessible for kids and parents. We’ve just launched the new Mothers Art World website, and we’ll be posting activities, blog posts about artists, and information for parents about how they can teach their children about art.

Have a wackadoey day!

Sima Levy


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