8 Ways to Develop Your Child’s Creativity


Developing your child’s creativity will help him or her become more successful in school. There are also many studies that have proven that the development of creativity in young children leads to greater success with personal relationships, and later careers.

I’m often asked where do you get your creativity? How do you think fast on your feet? How do you use certain approach and why? I am convinced it started when I was as young as 4, when my parents first started to expose me to arts and crafts.

When children are exposed to art and encouraged to create it, they become more confident,better problem solvers, better able to focus and take on the harder, more complex projects.

Children are naturally creative. Parents helping to develop and encourage their child’s creativity will enable him or her to be more successful in life.

Here are 8 ways to help develop your child’s creativity:

  • Make a place for your child to create. It doesn’t have to be fancy. A small creation corner filled with blocks, art supplies, and musical instruments will help creativity flourish.

  • Have art supplies on hand and easy for your child to find. Have lots of crayons, plain paper, paint, play dough, construction paper, glue, etc. that is easy for our child to grab. Add more materials (beads, collage materials, stamps, etc.) as your child grows older.

  • Expose your child to the arts and creativity. This doesn’t have to be costly or complicated. Take a trip to the local museum. Go for a walk and when returning home, have your child draw a picture of what you saw. Have books on art history around that are fun to read and look at.

  • Explore with your child different kinds of music. Use music at home and in the car. Check out different radio stations. You can take your child to the library to listen to CDs, and to try out new types of music.

  • When you read to your child, be dramatic. Use different voices and sounds. Encourage your child to act out the story for you.

  • Dance together. Body movement is great exercise and fun. Let your child teach you new ways to move.

  • Display your child’s art not just on the refrigerator. Find some inexpensive frames and add art to the walls in your child’s room. You can switch out the art work as your child creates more.

  • Limit screen time. Encourage your child to engage in a creative activity instead. Participate in creating art with your child. Consider taking your child to an after school art class or other creative activity such as music or dance lesson.

Developing your child’s creativity will enable your child to be more successful in school, will increase self esteem, confidence, and allow your child to learn better problem solving skills.

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