Use Music to Create Art

5 Ways to Use Music to Create Art

Music is a lovely form of art. The use of sounds as a form of personal expression is part of all music, from the classics to rock and roll – and everything in between.

Music can also be used to stimulate creativity. Along with the simple pleasure of listening to music, here are five ways music can be used to create your own art:

  • Play a favorite song – and put words to it singing loudly. This can be a fun family activity as well as one you encourage your child to do by themselves.

  • Start a dance party – some music just needs to be danced to. Turn up the volume and dance with your child. Want to do even more? Create your own special dance steps with your child or encourage your child to create some with his/her friends.

  • Encourage your child to write a poem or story inspired by the music playing in the background. Play different kinds of music and see how the poem or story changes.

  • Let your child be a rock star – get out your IPhone or video camera. Encourage your child to create his or her very own musical video. Encourage your child to use props, costumes and different instruments if they play. Post the finished product on Facebook (and be sure to share it with us too).

  • Create a painting to music – get out the art supplies and start playing music. Let your child create a painting or a drawing. See what happens when you change the music. Have a group of kids over. Play musical painting chairs, stopping and starting the music so that they each contribute to all of the paintings around the table.

Music is art. It is also a wonderful way to inspire creativity. Be sure to share what you and your child comes up with on our Facebook page at Mothers Art World. And check out the videos we have created that are right here on our site.


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